Increased Visibility & Frequency of Cleaning – A Key Trend in 2022

In a recent article, cleaning product manufacturer and distributor Robert Scott revealed the findings of its latest customer research, identifying the key trends that will dominate the cleaning and hygiene sector in 2022.

Greater visibility of cleaning processes is here to stay

The three biggest trends identified by the research were reducing plastic waste, green cleaning and increased visibility and frequency of cleaning, all of which are predicted to influence the cleaning practices used by businesses in 2022 and beyond.

The research prompted MD Alistair Scott to say “This trend has remained of high importance since our last research was conducted in December 2020 and demonstrates just how much public perceptions of cleaning have shifted to relying on the presence of janitorial staff. At present, businesses are struggling to manage the impact of the on staff shortages and cleaning regimes.”

It appears that what the pandemic has shown us all is that greater visibility of cleaning processes is here to stay.

Many businesses are exploring the use of Smart Building Businesses that haven’t yet investigated ways they can improve efficiencies for their staff and customers, and do so more sustainability, are likely to be left behind as our sector continues to innovate to deliver superior cleaning results that improve hygiene and boost infection control,” Alastair concluded.

Cost effective cleaning services

So how do you deliver an enhanced and cost effective service?

Simple, flexible Smart building tech could go a long way to providing the answer.

When considering the visibility and frequency of cleaning, one in five businesses (20 per cent) believe this will be the biggest trend for the cleaning industry in 2022.

Most major players in the FM space agree on the huge strategic importance of spatial intelligence being the cornerstone for success in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world. 

On demand cleaning in smart buildings

Achieving On-demand cleaning with real-time usage alerts?

Using the worlds smallest peel & stick wireless sensors connected to a web portal Flexicount delivers real-time insight into usage to optimise cleaning routines. Along with threshold alerts, and notifications to deliver improved service standards we help clients reduce costs by cutting cleaning where usage is low.

Flexible smart building solutions

Flexicount. Simple, Cost Effective Smart Building Tech which can cut cleaning costs by >30% and still deliver enhance service standards.

Smart building solutions

Insight to make data-driven decisions

Cleaning to demand in smart buildings

Optimise Cleaning to Demand

IoT sensors provide a real-time view on usage at washrooms to focus resource where its needed.

QR washroom feedback solution

QR Feedback Solution

Real-time visitor feedback with attendant alerts and custom web form sign-off.

Live occupancy smart building solution

Live Occupancy Solution

Real-time building, floor, room occupancy to manage capacity and resources.