Wi-Fi Sensor

Wi-Fi Sensor

Wi-Fi detectors provide dwell time analytics

The Flexicount Wi-Fi sensor is a truly anonymous presence detector.

Behaviour analytics provides insight into dwell, 1st time, repeat and occupancy visits for complete journey mapping.

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Wi-Fi presence detection

Configured to detect the presence of Wi-Fi enabled devices

Total space utilisation

Provides the best indication of dwell times in larger areas

Totally anonymous

Truly anonymous device detection, with one-way ID encryption

Real-time monitoring

1st time, repeat, bounce, passer-by visitor insight analytics

Wi-Fi data analytics

Designed specifically to detect Wi-Fi enabled devices across the entire Wi-Fi channel spectrum results in the system being able to collect 25-35 times more data samples than any A/P based solution.

The system does not use MAC addresses to identify signals from devices; instead a fingerprint is assigned to ensure the uniqueness of the emitting device.

Data cleansing and positioning algorithms ensure the most accurate Wi-Fi data collection and position system available in the market.

Heatmap Analytics
Occupancy Day Chart

Detecting traffic over all Wi-Fi channels, but not broadcasting

Unique device capture rate, 25-35 times more data captured than A/P

No dependency on MAC addresses, unaffected by spoofed MAC addresses

No user interaction required, completely anonymous

Market leading device tracking and positional accuracy

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