Washroom Activity Sensor

The world’s smallest wireless plug & play proximity sensor to monitor door activity in near real-time.

Washroom Activity Sensor | Flexicount

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Actionable Workplace Insight

Small, powerful, and easy to install. These wireless door sensors provide usage data insight to enhance the employee and guest experience whilst increasing efficiency.

Cleaning providers and commercial property owners can expect a 30% increase in operational efficiency with smarter cleaning to demand.

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Benefits of an Activity Sensor Solution

Make faster, more qualified decisions about space utilisation with actionable washroom usage data, reports, and alerts.

Battery-powered proximity sensor

Self-adhesive, self-installable; no drilling, no cabling, no disruption

Installed in seconds

4G cloud connectivity; no reliance upon IT departments or infrastructure

Low cost solution

Simple, all-in per sensor per day rental price plans, with PAYG, or 1 and 3 year terms

Optimise resources

Use historical usage data to realign cleaning routines and respond to demand

Data-driven decisions

Analyse usage patterns for better scheduling of resources

Smart usage insight

Set usage alerts, gauge response times, adhere to SLAs

How the activity sensor works

The sensor and cloud connectors are designed in Norway and assembled in Germany. All local regulatory compliance procedures have been achieved in most countries around the world.

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Proximity Sensor Gateway Hub | Flexicount

The Wireless Counting Proximity Sensor can detect objects that are removed or placed in front of the sensor. An internal counter is incremented each time status is changed, and the cloud server is updated with the count number at 5 minute intervals.

Wireless messages are being sent via SecureDataShot™ technology to the Cloud Connector (Gateway). The Cloud Connector relays the information onwards to the cloud server. An immediate message is transmitted if the sensor is touched, allowing real- time testing of the sensor.

  • Construction Material - Sealed, IP68 and UL 50E Type 4X
    Impact modified acrylic film
  • Typical Dimensions - 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm (±0.2 mm)
  • Typical Weight - 2.0 g (±0.3 g)
  • Lifetime - Up to 15 years
  • Certifications and Compliance - CE, WEEE, Batteries directive
  • Radio range:
    Standard Mode - 25 m indoor, up to 300 m free-space 
    High Power Boost Mode - Up to 1000 m free-space
  • Wireless Communication - 868 MHz SRD/ISM band, 
  • Proximity detection distance - 0 to 5 mm
  • Proximity response/recovery time - 750 ms / 1500 ms
  • Detects proximity of objects, object away or object present and counts number of events
  • Touch functionality
  • Long lifetime, up to 15 years in default configuration and standard environment
  • Robust design, IP68 and UL 50E Type 4X
  • Wireless range 25 m typical indoor, similar 
    to a Wi-Fi network with an advanced Wi-Fi 
  • Wireless range line of sight up to 300 m in 
    standard mode and up to 1000 m in high 
    power Boost Mode
  • API data access available
  • Integrated to our advanced PowerBi visualization dashboards
  • The Cloud Connector is the sensors’ connection to the cloud, securely relaying the data transmitted by the sensors.
  • The 4G Cloud Connector relays data from SecureDataShot™ enabled wireless sensors to the DT cloud service via ethernet or a 4G/LTE cellular connection.
  • There is no need for configuration during installation. The Cloud Connector will transparently relay traffic between all sensors in range and the cloud without the need for any user configuration or intervention.
  • The 4G Cloud Connector comes with a built-in sim card that is connected to a global mobile network operator. This means the Cloud Connector will always connect and roam freely between the best networks in the area.
  • Our proprietary Sub-1 GHz wireless communication protocol, SecureDataShot, is made specifically for creating a scalable network of sensors, maintaining security while using as little energy as possible. All devices work out of the box and communicate securely with your account in Studio immediately.


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