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Workplace analytics and insight articles

Optimise occupancy utilisation | Flexicount

The Benefits of Using Data Analytics to Optimise Occupancy and Utilisation

Data analytics can be a powerful tool to help you make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall work experience for your employees.

Washroom Activity Sensor | Flexicount

How to Optimise Washroom Cleaning for Maximum Efficiency

This article discusses how to optimise washroom cleaning for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Increased Visibility & Frequency of Cleaning | Flexicount

Increased Visibility & Frequency of Cleaning – A Key Trend in 2022

Peel & stick the activity door sensor with effortless connectivity. Use our web portal for easy to use analytics, alerts, and notifications.

Occupancy Counting Solutions for the office Workspace | Flexicount

Smart Buildings Explained

Smart building technology monitors the characteristics of a building and collects data, which can be used to improve the building’s performance and efficiency.

Occupancy Counting Solutions for the office Workspace | Flexicount

Occupancy Counting Solutions for the office Workspace

Would it be helpful to have a live and accurate view of your workspace utilisation?

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