QR Code Feedback Solution

Real-time feedback speeds up response times and allows you to action requests in-the-moment.

Smart building feedback alerts

Real-time feedback via QR Codes at specific locations allows for instant visitor and attendant feedback without any hardware installation.

The Flexicount QR Code feedback solution is a fast, easy, and versatile way of gaining in-the-moment feedback from visitors or attendants.

  • Location-specific QR codes with easy-peel ‘n’ stick installation
  • The QR code directs visitors to a custom online form, avoiding any requirement of a mobile app
  • Alerts are auto-generated in the cloud portal and via SMS or email
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Benefits of a QR code feedback solution

Actionable insight for your smart building

Easy, fast installation

No hardware solution with our simple location-specific QR codes

Long-term value

Manage in-the-moment feedback to empower teams to react to requests

Anywhere feedback

Versatile, customizable online forms, optimised for all devices

Standalone, yet scalable

No IT requirement for a highly cost-effective feedback system

Advanced reporting

Integrated power bi reporting with historical analysis and trend insight

Track, change, edit

Editable, trackable, and changeable; highly configurable

Visitor QR Code Feedback

Smart real-time alerts

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QR code alerts and notifications

Your visitors scan a unique QR Code at a specific location to provide valuable real-time feedback.

  • The QR Code redirects the visitor to the online form
  • A feedback alert is triggered on completion.
  • Upon submission, the feedback is instantly sent to the cloud portal
  • SMS and/or email is sent to attendant/s for action
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Attendant QR Code Feedback

Smart real-time alerts

QR code alerts and notifications

Each QR code can have a unique attendant form, allowing the user to select what actions have been completed at that location.

  • Upon arrival at a location, the attendant scans the QR code and selects what actions have been completed.
  • Customised forms can include attendant names and timestamps.
  • Advanced historical attendant sign-off information is available for analysis.
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Flexible solutions for smart buildings

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