Workspace QR Feedback Solution

Real-time workspace feedback speeds up response times and allows you to action cleaner requests in-the-moment.

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Actionable Feedback Alerts

Real-time feedback via QR Codes at specific locations allows for instant visitor and attendant feedback without any hardware installation.

The Flexicount QR Code feedback solution is a fast, easy, and versatile way of gaining in-the-moment feedback from visitors or attendants.

Achieve faster response times, better service, and more effective use of resources with improved SLA compliance.

  • Location-specific QR codes with easy-peel ‘n’ stick installation
  • The QR code directs visitors to a custom online form, avoiding any requirement of a mobile app
  • Alerts are auto-generated in the cloud portal and via SMS or email
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Washroom QR Feedback Solution | Flexicount

Benefits of a QR Feedback Solution

Make your building smarter with actionable insight for your workspace and washrooms with reports and alerts.

Easy, fast, self-installation

No hardware solution with our simple location-specific QR codes

Long term value

Manage in-the-moment feedback to empower teams to react to requests

Track, change, edit

Editable, trackable, and changeable; highly configurable

Standalone, yet scalable

No IT requirement for a highly cost-effective feedback system

Anywhere feedback

Versatile, customizable online forms, optimised for all devices

Advanced reporting

Integrated power bi reporting with historical analysis and trend insight

Visitor QR Feedback

QR code alerts and notifications

Your visitors scan a unique QR Code at a specific location to provide valuable real-time feedback.

  • The QR Code redirects the visitor to the online form
  • A feedback alert is triggered on completion
  • Upon submission, the feedback is instantly sent to the cloud portal
  • SMS and/or email is sent to attendant/s for action
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Visitor QR Feedback | Flexicount

Cleaner QR Feedback

QR code alerts and notifications

Each QR code can have a unique attendant form, allowing the user to select what actions have been completed at that location.

  • Upon arrival at a location, the attendant scans the QR code and selects what actions have been completed
  • Customised forms can include attendant names and timestamps
  • Advanced historical attendant sign-off information is available for analysis
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Cleaner QR Feedback | Flexicount


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