Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy sensors helping you understand demand

The Flexicount occupancy sensor is the world's most advanced people counter.

Using the latest Time-of-Flight detection technology, the sensor is extremely accurate, making it ideal to measure building or floor occupancy.

In the current climate its vitally important that businesses show they are managing the flow of staff and visitors using Covid people counting technologies.

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99% accuracy occupancy technology

Highly accurate 4D people counter; anonymous detection

Total building utilisation

Measure footfall and occupancy floor by floor, area by area

Wait times, queues and more

Can be configured to monitor dwell times in smaller areas

Real-time monitoring

Receive live alerts vs thresholds via email and SMS

Occupancy data analytics

Collecting highly accurate footfall data is taken as read, but it’s what we do with the data that denotes the real value.

The Flexicount web portal provides a central view of real-time occupancy at floor, zone and building level, alerting functionality to notify management if occupancy levels are reaching critical levels and access to all historical data for collating patterns and analysing trends.

Occupancy Dashboard
Occupancy Chart

Real-time building utilisation analytics

Employee / staff omission using lanyard technology

Measure customer dwell time in defined areas

Totally anonymous infrared people counter

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