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Workplace occupancy analytics

Real-time occupancy insight to help you make relevant and data-driven decisions on your workspace. 

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Manage space utilisation and optimisation

Using the latest Time-of-Flight detection technology, the sensor is extremely accurate, making it ideal to measure building, floor, or room occupancy.

In the new-normal - flexible working, it's vitally important that businesses show they are managing the flow of staff and visitors to aid visitor and on-site personal well-being. We do this by using the best-of-breed occupancy people counting technologies.

Let us show you how we help workplaces manage demand and capacity in real-time with the world's most advanced IoT people counters and our cloud-based analytics portal.

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Benefits of an occupancy sensor solution

Make your building smarter with actionable insight into your workspace, with real-time occupancy data, reports, and alerts.

99% accuracy occupancy technology

Highly accurate 4D people counter; anonymous detection

Real-time monitoring

Receive live alerts vs thresholds via email and SMS

Total building utilisation

Measure footfall and occupancy floor by floor, area by area

Easy, self-installation

Pre-configured and ready to install via PoE

Data-driven decisions

Heatmaps, PowerBi visualisation and API data access

Low cost solution

All-in per sensor per day price plan, and purchase option available

Live occupancy insight

Occupancy monitoring enables space utilization insight, so you can optimise space based on demand, whilst providing a safe environment for visitors and employees.

Data-rich occupancy analytics

Manage your space better with real-time occupancy data via our easy-to-use cloud-based portal with PowerBi data visualisations.

Real-time occupancy analytics | Flexicount

Live workplace monitoring

Collecting highly accurate footfall data is taken as read, but it’s what we do with the data that denotes the real value.

The Flexicount web portal provides a central view of real-time occupancy at floor, zone and building level, alerting functionality to notify management if occupancy levels are reaching critical levels and access to all historical data for collating patterns and analysing trends.

  • Real-time building utilisation analytics
  • Understand demand and set capacity limits
  • Custom visualizations via PowerBi
  • Heatmaps by time and day, with zone and room comparisons
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Live occupancy display screen

Where you need to manage capacity, our occupancy sensor can provide data to a digital display screen running any internet browser.

We can provide a 24/7 commercial grade 10" Android display screen. No integrated battery with power over mains or PoE. VESA mounting holes to attach display to a wall or stand.

Occupancy limit display screen | Flexicount

24/7 Commercial Use

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

No Integrated Battery

VESA Mounting Holes

How the occupancy sensor works

Manufactured in the UK our occupancy sensor is the most accurate commercial grade visitor and occupancy IoT counter in the market.

Live Occupancy Sensor | Flexicount

Installed around the world in retail as well as smart buildings to enable businesses to make informed decisions in real-time on space utilization and capacity limits.

  • Using infrared light, the 4D sensor works perfectly in extreme sunlight or darkness
  • The sensor emits invisible infrared light, which illuminates the scene below. Reflected light is detected and the time taken for it to return is used to identify people from objects and track their movements
  • PoE powered
  • Suitable for single, wide or multiple entrances
  • Anonymous sensing technology
  • Mounting height of 2.5m to 4.5m
  • Dimensions 195mm x 110mm x 32mm. Weight 550g
  • Unrivalled sensor accuracy >99%
  • Quick to install and highly configurable
  • Annonymous sensing technology
  • Unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Live occupancy counts sent via MQTT
  • Supports BACnet/IP
  • API data access available
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Integrated to our advanced PowerBi visualization dashboards
  • We can provide the sensor pre-configured and self-installable if required, or provide our experienced and fully certified engineers
  • RJ45 connection to PoE device provides power and comms
  • Sensor is ceiling mounted, above doorway or entrances/exits
  • Device can be installed fully autonomous and standalone, with no internet connection if required
  • With internet access via Wi-Fi or 4G router or network cable, we can provide remote support and reporting

Flexible solutions for smart buildings

More IoT Smart Sensor Solutions

Washroom activity sensor  | Flexicount

Activity sensor

Peel & stick the activity door sensor with effortless connectivity. Use our web portal for easy to use analytics, alerts, and notifications.

Washroom usage sensor | Flexicount

Usage sensor

Wireless, AA battery-powered, and peel-n-stick for easy installation. Ideal where you cannot or don't wish to run cabling or connect to your internal network.

Washroom QR feedback alerts | Flexicount

QR code feedback

This no hardware solution is easy to install and provides real-time visitor feedback using the versatility of a unique QR code assigned to a location.

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