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Flexible Sensors for Smart Buildings

There are a variety of people counting sensors on the market. At Flexicount we are hardware agnostic, so with 23 years experience we test and select the best of breed technologies from around the world and integrate them with our cloud portal.

Live occupancy solution for smart buildings

Live Occupancy

Ensure occupant safety and sense of wellbeing with our highly accurate (>99%) occupancy sensor. Manage capacity, set limits and alerts.Learn more »

Activity door sensor for smart buildings

Activity Sensor

Peel & stick the activity door sensor with effortless connectivity. Use our web portal for easy to use analytics, alerts, and notifications.Learn more »

Usage sensor for washrooms

Usage Sensor

Wireless, AA battery-powered, and peel-n-stick for easy installation. Ideal where you cannot or don't wish to run cabling or connect to your internal network.Learn more »

QR code feedback solution

QR Code Feedback

This no hardware solution is easy to install and provides real-time visitor feedback using the versatility of a unique QR code assigned to a location. Learn more »