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Powered by StoreTech Limited, with 25 years experience and knowledge in people counting analytics and performance management.

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Smart IoT solutions

Our sister company StoreTech has been providing footfall analytics to the retail industry for over 25 years; the Flexicount brand was born out of an enquiry for a wireless, battery operated people counter specifically aimed at the cleaning and facilities management sector.

With StoreTech’s experience of people counting technologies, it was an easy step to use our expertise to find a solution and integrate it with our web-based portal.

All our detectors protect employee / customer anonymity, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.

Our aim is to allow building owners, facilities management companies and service providers where customer experience is a priority, to make smarter business decisions that support sustainability, reduce costs and increase service levels.

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Smart IoT Solutions for the Workspace | Flexicount

Powerful Data Driven Insight

Flexicount delivers dramatic operational improvements for cleaning teams by arming staff with the tools they need to make a difference.

Improve Cleaning

Respond to threshold alerts from washroom sensors to optimize the workplace while increasing productivity and employee wellbeing.

Alert and Notifications

Any sensor location can have an alert and notification when a threshold has been met. SMS, email and portal alerts available.

Save Costs by 30%

Update cleaning schedules; staff to demand using historical usage data to identify wasted or misallocated resources.

Usage Insight

Improve operations, reduce costs and easily show tenants where demand and building utilisation really occurs.

Workspace analytics

Study visitor behaviour throughout the workplace to understand utilisation and manage efficiencies.

Powerful portal

Collate usage and occupancy reports with our powerful portal with integrated PowerBi visualisations.


Workplace Analytics and Insights

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The Benefits of Using Data Analytics to Optimise Occupancy and Utilisation

Make data-driven decisions to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall work experience for your workplace.

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Enhancing Your Cleaning Business with Flexicount IoT Technology

We're on a mission to transform cleaning businesses with our cutting-edge IoT tech. Discover how real-time data insights can revolutionize your cleaning services.

Smart Buildings Explained | Flexicount

Smart Buildings Explained

Smart building technology monitors the characteristics of a building and collects data, which can be used to improve the building’s performance and efficiency.

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