Live Occupancy of your office space.

Real-time occupancy monitoring of your buildings, floors or rooms with >99% accuracy.

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Flexible Counters

Comply with the latest COVID-19 Secure and HSE Guidelines for Social Distancing and Workplace Cleanliness with our Occupancy and Usage Solutions.

Washroom Usage Sensor

Usage Sensor

Monitor washroom usage, with our easy peel-and-stick, wireless, battery-operated sensors. Improve service levels and save cost with our intelligent optimisation solution. Set individual threshold alerts for each washroom to improve SLA compliance.

Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Sensor

Monitor visitors anonymously in real-time as they enter buildings, floors or specific rooms. Latest Time of Flight Infrared technology means that accuracy is >99%. Add live alerts and optional digital displays to aid social distancing guidelines.

Live Occupancy Solution

Live Occupancy Display

Maintain social distancing and increase customer / employee confidence by means of commercial grade, PoE, VESA mounted LCD digital displays. Flexicount’s configurable red, amber and green messaging provides guidance and reassurance to anyone that enters your space.

Wi-Fi Sensor for Behaviour Analytics

Wi-Fi Sensor

Our truly anonymous presence detector provides behavioural analytics insight into unique metrics like dwell time, 1st time visits, repeat visits, passer-by and occupancy visits. This solution is ideal for large open plan areas with no defined entrance or exit.

Do you have occupancy limitations due to social distancing?

Our Live Occupancy Counter can help your business to ensure restrictions are not exceeded.

Washroom Intelligent Optimisation.

Flexicount provides rapid and cost-effective deployment of smart building usage and occupancy, enabling you to respond to visitor demand and optimise your services. Our anonymous usage sensors (ideal for washrooms, kitchen areas etc.) are battery-powered and wireless for easy installation; this makes them ideal to schedule cleaning-to-demand, alongside our intelligent optimisation solution.

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Simple, Powerful Cloud Portal

Our smart building solution provides the tools to deliver real-time business intelligence.
Simple, powerful cloud portal

We turn usage data analytics into actionable insight.

Simple, powerful cloud portal

We turn usage data analytics into actionable insight.

Simple, powerful cloud portal

We turn usage data analytics into actionable insight.

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For over 22 years StoreTech has provided the world's best people counting technologies on the market to the retail industry. Now with our Flexicount brand we plan to do the same within the smart building sector. We are passionate about turning accurate visitor data into actionable insight to help businesses make data-driven decisions about workplace utilisation.

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