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Workspace occupancy solution

Real-time insight, with highly accurate occupancy sensors allows you to manage demand and space utilisation in the flexible workplace.

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Manage office space occupancy

Would it be helpful to have a live and accurate view of the effectiveness of your Social Distancing measures?

As a result of COVID-19, many establishments, including supermarkets, chemists, hospitals and healthcare establishments, are under pressure from the government to restrict the numbers of people present at any given time.

Flexicount measures occupancy and presents this as real-time, actionable data to aid smarter, data-driven decisions, keeping staff and visitors safe and Covid-secure.

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Covid-secure occupancy

Our occupancy counting solution consists of a powerful web portal and the world's no.1 people counters. Our solution is highly accurate and therefore ideally suited where you need to limit the number of visitors or customers in your shop, office building or any other work space.

99% accuracy occupancy technology

Visibility of KPIs such as visitors in, out and maximum occupancy. Allowing you to make local decisions in real time throughout the day.

Live occupancy alerts

As building utilisation changes throughout the day, our real-time alerts by floor or building are triggered by custom set thresholds and sent via email and SMS.

Total building utilisation

Meanwhile head office and field teams can monitor occupancy remotely across all sites, areas, regions, right down to individual floors or entrances.

PowerBi Visualisation

Understanding occupancy over the day, week and month will build up a picture of utilisation and allow you to make smart data driven decisions.

Live occupancy insight

Occupancy monitoring enables space utilization insight, so you can optimise space based on demand, whilst providing a safe environment for visitors and employees.

4D Occupancy Sensor

The world's most advanced people counting sensor

Real-time occupancy analytics | Flexicount

Live workspace monitoring

The Flexicount occupancy solution takes a data feed from the most accurate commercial grade visitor and occupancy counter in the market. The 4D time of flight technology used is not only highly accurate it is also truly anonymous people counter.

The data feed into our cloud software, provides real-time dashboards, heatmaps and built-in alerts to flag when occupancy thresholds are reached. Thus allowing you to comply with health and safety, or fire regulations.

  • Do you know how many people are in your building now?
  • Do you need to set limits on the number of people in one place?

Strategically placed occupancy counters can be either; CAT5 cabled back to your PoE switch or; as a standalone set up using our own 4G router, thus without any requirement for outbound network access.

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Occupancy display screen

Where you need to manage capacity, our occupancy sensor can provide data to a digital display screen running any internet browser.

We can provide a 24/7 commercial grade 10" Android display screen. No integrated battery with power over mains or PoE. VESA mounting holes to attach display to a wall or stand.

Occupancy limit display screen | Flexicount

24/7 Commercial Use

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

No Integrated Battery

VESA Mounting Holes

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