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Delivering FM services is more challenging than ever, as the modern Facilities Manager is no longer simply just managing a delivery team, but constantly trying to improve the workplace experience, whilst simultaneously implementing new cost-efficiencies.

Improve Cleaning

Respond to threshold alerts from washroom sensors to optimize the workplace while increasing productivity and employee wellbeing.

Save Costs by 25%

Update cleaning schedules; staff to demand using historical usage data to identify wasted or misallocated resources.

Usage Insight

Improve operations, reduce costs and easily show tenants where demand and building utilisation really occurs. 

Footfall Analytics

Study visitor behaviour throughout the workplace to understand utilisation and manage efficiencies.

Alert and Notifications

Any sensor location can have an alert and notification when a threshold has been met. SMS, email and portal alerts available.

Powerful Cloud Portal

Collate usage and occupancy reports with our powerful portal with integrated PowerBi visualisations.