Washroom Usage Sensor

Usage monitoring of your washrooms allows you to optimise your cleaning routines, reduce overcleaning and save up to 30% cost.

Washroom Usage Sensor | Flexicount

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Actionable Washroom Insight

The Flexicount usage sensor is ideal for fast, easy installation over single doors. Providing anonymous insight into room usage and particularly suitable for washroom settings.

Room usage data helps to deliver optimum cleaning and maintenance services by providing heatmaps, predictive scheduling, and real-time alerts to operatives.

Achieve faster response times, better service, and more effective use of resources with improved SLA compliance.

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Washroom Usage Heatmap Dashboard | Flexicount

Benefits of an Usage Sensor Solution

Make faster, more qualified decisions about space utilisation with actionable washroom usage data, reports, and alerts.

Battery-powered usage sensor

Self-adhesive, self-installable; no drilling, no cabling, no disruption

Installed in seconds

3G cloud connectivity; no reliance upon IT departments or infrastructure

Low cost solution

Simple, all-in per sensor per day rental price plans, with PAYG, or 1 and 3 year terms

Optimise resources

Use historical usage data to realign cleaning routines and respond to demand

Data-driven decisions

Analyse usage patterns for better scheduling of resources

Smart usage insight

Set usage alerts, gauge response times, adhere to SLAs

How the usage sensor works

Designed and built in the UK exclusively for Flexicount. Our wireless, battery-powered PIR sensor is ideal for providing straightforward usage data at a single door location.

Wireless washroom usage sensor | Flexicount

Being a PIR sensor, it will never be as good as a time of flight occupancy device, or video camera, nor can it recognise direction, so we divide by two all counts received. However, over a single door, and in tests with the best cabled infrared people counters it is over 90% accurate and provides perfectly good trend data and usage insight to make informed decisions.

  • Powered by 3 AA batteries providing one year's battery life
  • Long-range connectivity between sensor and gateway hub, up to 150m
  • High-quality Panasonic PIR sensor
  • Detects the presence of someone walking underneath the sensor
  • PIR is non-directional
  • Summary data is sent to a gateway hub every 15 or 30 minutes
  • Dimensions 176mm x 23mm x 42mm. Weight 61g
  • Plug and play with no onsite configuration needed
  • 24-hour power socket required for continuous comms
  • Multiple sensors can talk to one or more hubs
  • Summary data from each sensor is sent to a gateway hub every 15 or 30 minutes
  • Gateway hub comms to the cloud is via 3G, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet
  • Dimensions 155mm x 124mm x 20mm
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Self-installable with no cabling, no drilling, no disruption
  • Peel and stick with double-sided 3M tape
  • Sensor size and width is perfect for mounting to a door frame
  • Backplate screw holes provided for optional added fixing
  • Additional anti-tamper cage can be provided where necessary
  • Once mounted, sensor will broadcast to any gateway in range


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