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Flexicount Ecosystem

Footfall counting technology to align cleaning resources with demand

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Flexicount sensor

Gain 24/7, real-time insight into the use of washroom facilities


  • Battery powered, wireless tech
  • Ceiling mounted, self-adhesive sensors
  • Automatic linking between sensors and hubs
  • Multiple connectivity options, including 3G
  • Simple dashboards and heatmaps
  • Set alerts for unexpected demand
  • Integrated staff scheduling
  • Light touch tech solution that addresses multiple aspects of FM / cleaning
  • Inexpensive solution


  • No hacking, drilling or cabling required
  • Installed in just seconds; fully transferable
  • Self-installable; no specialist knowledge or IT training required
  • Tech can be installed outside of existing client infrastructure
  • Enables cleaning to demand and reduction in cleaning costs
  • Enables cleaning teams to more effectively deliver on SLAs
  • System recommends best deployment of resources
  • Competitive advantage in tenders & RFPs
  • From as little as $1 per sensor per day

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Sensor & hub

  • Battery powered, wireless traffic tech
  • The easiest installation of any people counter on the market
  • Efficient low-energy comms between the sensors and the data collection hub
  • 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet comms gives plenty of options for data transmission to the cloud
  • Light touch; low cost; minimal maintenance and support

Heat Maps

  • What happens at weekends and public holidays?
  • Which are the busiest days of the week?
  • Which tenants use the facilities the most?
  • What’s the difference in usage between male and female washrooms?
  • What are the best times of day to clean?

Actionable Data

  • Footfall collated for all washrooms throughout the week
  • Accurate trend data enables robust cleaning schedules to be prepared
  • Data available by hour, day, week, month, quarter and season
  • Each floor / building will have its own unique requirements, all indicated by usage patterns


  • Align cleaning teams to washroom demand
  • Create schedules with full use of the historical footfall data
  • Drag and drop shifts with our super easy intuitive scheduler
  • Copy, paste, email, print and save as templates for future use
  • Optimise productivity and rebalance shifts when they are really needed

Mobile alerts

  • Instant real-time alerts to your mobile when a threshold is reached
  • Customisable by individual washroom
  • Alerts available in SMS, email or proprietary formats
  • Alerting function saves operators perpetually scanning data for anomalies
  • Extremely effective to focus teams on locations that require urgent attention

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Why Flexicount?

  • Slashes costs for cleaning companies
  • Provides cleaning companies with options where clients demand ‘Glide Path Savings’
  • Eliminates expensive ‘over cleaning’
  • Aligns with 6Sigma methodologies and the continuous search for savings
  • Recent Pilot: 12.3% cost saving
  • Your clients may want to pay for it themselves
  • Provides clients with valuable information on their facilities
  • Provides insight on refurbishment prioritisation
  • Helps clients set service charges for today’s flexible workspaces
  • Differentiates cleaning contractors from competitors by matching resources to demand
  • Shows good governance in a data-driven decision-making world
  • Flexibility to install ‘temporary’ counter and dashboard to access actionable data
  • The sensor uses ultra-wide band to communicate to a mains-powered hub
  • Minimal set up with 3G, Wi-Fi, or ethernet connectivity, the hub transmits data back to our cloud service in near real-time
  • Built for use with our powerful web portal which includes usage heatmaps, performance dashboards, staff scheduling and task management
  • The thermal sensor measures 42mm x 177mm x 22mm deep and weighs just 107g (with batteries)
  • The sensor is stuck centrally above the door opening (3M adhesive included)
  • 4 screw holes are included if you prefer to fix the sensor using screws
  • Footfall Sensor is powered by 3 AA batteries (included) that last up to 3 years
  • Plug and play out of the box means no time wasted or frustration linking sensors to hubs
  • Sensor to hub uses low-energy, high performance technology with a range of up to 100m
  • Unlimited sensors automatically connect to multiple hubs for flexibility, scalability and contingency
  • Dynamic sensor allocation and de-duping in the cloud results in significantly reduced administrative costs plus easy assignment of a sensor to a location
  • Sensor stores counts in the event a hub is offline; useful for maintaining footfall patterns
  • Ability to configure ‘threshold’ communications for when counts reach a specific number; results in realtime alerts and less time spent communicating when there’s nothing to say
  • Immediate alerting facility for other status reports e.g. offline or low battery alerts
  • Low installation cost and ongoing support with minimal return visit requirements