Live occupancy and usage monitoring for smart buildings.

Optimize space and manage efficiencies in the flexible workspace.

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Live occupancy

Monitor occupancy anonymously in real-time as people enter your building, floors, or specific rooms with capacity alerts.

Ensure occupant safety and sense of wellbeing with our highly accurate (>99%) occupancy sensor. Using the latest PoE-powered Time of Flight sensing technology, manage capacity, set occupancy limits and alerts with optional display screens.

Occupancy Sensor
Live occupancy workspace display

Occupancy insight

Occupancy monitoring enables space utilization insight, so you can optimise space based on demand, whilst providing a safe environment for visitors and employees.

Usage monitor

Install in seconds above a single door, connecting wirelessly to our 3G gateway makes it highly cost-effective and scalable.

Wireless, AA battery-powered, and peel-n-stick for easy installation. Ideal where you cannot or don't wish to run cabling or connect to your internal network. With usage data insight our intelligent optimisation solution enables you to respond to visitor demand and optimise cleaning resources.

Usage Sensor

Usage insight

Usage monitoring enables improvements in service levels and cost savings whilst maintaining and in most cases improving the visitor and employee experience.

QR Code Feedback

Instant visitor feedback via an online form. Whilst attendants can record what actions have been completed at a location.

This no hardware solution is easy to install and provides real-time visitor feedback using the versatility of a unique QR code assigned to a location. A visitor submits their feedback online which alerts an attendant. Advanced reporting provides attendant sign-off analysis.

QR Code Feedback
QR Code Visitor Feedback Form

NHS Shared Business Services framework

The Workspace Optimisation Framework has been developed to meet the needs of NHS and other public sector employers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The ready-to-use contracts provide a simple, compliant, and cost-effective way of introducing new measures that promote a safe and secure workspace.

Workspace optimisation framework

Workspace optimisation solutions, which sense activity within a meeting room or workspace, including desk spaces, provides real time and instant information on workspace availability for room visual displays or room booking systems. This framework can save the NHS and public sector organisations valuable time and money in the procurement process.

All Approved Organisations including both NHS and non-NHS / Wider Public Sector. Access the framework directly from the NHS Shared Business Framework website. Read more about the launch of the workspace optimisation framework.

A detailed procurement exercise has taken place to ensure that we are appropriate in terms of meeting all legislative requirements. Therefore, no formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process. Customers will be able to tap into services and configure service offerings to meet individual organisational requirements.

Contact the people counting experts

For over 22 years StoreTech has provided the world's best people counting technologies on the market to the retail industry. Now with our Flexicount brand we plan to do the same within the smart building sector. We are passionate about turning accurate visitor data into actionable insight to help businesses make data-driven decisions about workplace utilisation.

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