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Smart Building Solutions

IoT sensors to aid data-driven decisions

Live occupancy solution for smart buildings

Live Occupancy

Ensure occupant safety and sense of wellbeing with our highly accurate (>99%) occupancy sensor. Manage capacity, set limits and alerts.Learn more »

Activity door sensor for smart buildings

Activity Sensor

Peel & stick the activity door sensor with effortless connectivity. Use our web portal for easy to use analytics, alerts, and notifications.Learn more »

Usage sensor for washrooms

Usage Sensor

Wireless, AA battery-powered, and peel-n-stick for easy installation. Ideal where you cannot or don't wish to run cabling or connect to your internal network.Learn more »

QR code feedback solution

QR Code Feedback

This no hardware solution is easy to install and provides real-time visitor feedback using the versatility of a unique QR code assigned to a location. Learn more »